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Flowfal / Movuku

Simon East is developing two applications that use movement to produce sounds:

Flowfal is designed to be used by musicians and sound artists. It uses a set of Ableton Live plug-ins which respond to movements from smartphones or watches running the Flowfal app. It can be used to create sound for music performances, immersive installations, and dance pieces. An early version was used to in 800 Lifetimes created by Pell Ensemble in 2021. Flowfal was fully launched as part of the Sonar+D part of the Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2023.

Movuku is designed for mass market users. Anyone who has a smartphone can use it to produce their own movement generated sounds for personal mindfulness and wellbeing activities. A sequencer to allow musicians to create their own Movuku movement sensitive songs will be available shortly. Movuku can also been used to create immersive installation soundtracks, the first example being for an installation called Dovetailing Responses in 2021.



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