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Spirit of Gravity

The Spirit Of Gravity is Brighton’s longest-running electronic & experimental music night and has been providing a space for experimental electronic music since 2001. Founded by local live art liberationists Nick Rilke and Tony Rimbaud of Maphead Productions. It was a night intended to present Maphead’s latest music project Malevich, which needed a stage for the unique electronic collision of spoken word and unspeakable sounds. Never intending to be a purely solo showcase, Rimbaud and Rilke set about pulling, kicking, screaming and sampling other like-minded artists into the fray. Thus, enlisting to the cause were Spirit of Gravity co-namer and wired-up glass guru Dan Powell and no-noise free-formers Clarence Palmer. The first event was born.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary. they have re-released the fourth Spirit of Gravity compilation featured live recordings of people in the orbit of The Spirit of Gravity from way back in 2004.



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