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Wimborne Contemporary Arts

Wimborne Minster is a small town in Dorset, but has made a big contribution to experimental music, by virtue of being the birthplace of Robert Fripp. Indeed, Fripp once memorably described Wimborne as “The Centre of the Universe”, for reasons perhaps known only to himself. Wimborne does however have a claim to be the home of experimental ambient music, which Fripp developed through his adventurous use of tape delay and guitar, referred to as “Frippertronics”.

Wimborne Contemporary Arts seeks to keep the spirit of Fripp’s experimentation alive, by organising concerts and multi-media arts events in the town and the surrounding area. Recent events have included performances of works by La Monte Young, Cornelius Cardew, Pauline Oliveiros and John Cage, concerts by Gerauschhersteller and The Seen, a mini-festival celebrating a century of DADA, and a multi-media installation featuring underwater soundscapes of local rivers. WCA also regularly collaborates with Wimborne Community Theatre to produce site-specific sound art and theatrical events in the local area. We’re always interested to meet people who produce or listen to experimental music, so if you’re in the area, please get in touch!



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