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  • Dec 2 2021

“Slug” is high NRG fierce techno, gleaming with metallic tones, sharpened to cut through a dancefloor with scything ability.

We connected on expressing and exploring parts of identities and our inner landscapes through this collaboration. With a mutual love of warped beauty, liquifying, the body, flesh, nature, sea creatures, oozing translucency and distortions, we create intuitively from our subconscious.

 We try to open perceptions of the self by endorsing and investing it fully in order to come as we truly are. We don’t compromise, or narrow down ourselves to what should be beautiful or what norms dictates on what should be shown or not. With our marks, panel of emotions, our past, our present, failures, deconstruction of the norms and pressure, in order to unravel and meet ourselves fearlessly.

 We use the digital realm and avatars in order to see imagination as a real confrontational space, a place where space can be created for the multidimensional persons. This avatar is embracing and embodying many dimensions  ourselves that in the reality society would tend to censor or neglect because it holds true power, and is limitless. We take our power back. :)

AJAxBora are supported by Outlands steering group member, Fatout.


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