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  • Mar 26 2022
  • Mar 27 2022

The Joyous Thing #3

Image by Gareth Horner

The Joyous Thing 3 @ MK Gallery / Resonance Extra: 6pm to Midnight 26– 27th March 2022

Live at MK Gallery - Coby Sey: Check Rain

Coby Sey: Check Rain – commissioned by Outlands for The Joyous Thing 2022, Check Rain is a brand new, ever-evolving performance piece from London musician and producer Coby Sey. The first iteration in a forthcoming series, ‘Check Rain’ features a band of Coby’s close musical collaborators as well as bespoke light design from visual artist Charlie Hope. The piece takes in live extensions of recent material including the ‘River’ EP released via CURL (the collective and label comprising Sey, Mica Levi, Brother May and others), together with fresh works from his long-awaited forthcoming debut LP.

Supporting Coby in MK are I Am Fya and Euso two emerging UK artists who also work with Outlands via our partnership with the Digital and Music Sound Art department at The University of Brighton. I Am Fya is an experimental artist from Manchester who is now based in Brighton, UK. Her music brings together low-end textures and collaged field recordings: referencing sound system culture and notions of belonging through lyrical narratives delivered in a febrile vocal style. Recent work collects sound from her homeland, Barbados, and focuses on identity, culture, spiritual connections to land and ancestors, radical self-love, the power of chosen family, otherness, and acceptance. An experimental music and AV artist, Euso’s work centres around futurism + apophenia: working at the intersection between reality and virtuality to craft affective new work.

Resonance Extra: Outlands Takeover

Two days of brand new radio commissions from experimental producers across the UK. Over the course of the weekend, we will present ten brand-new radio works. Each of the 12 new pieces, covering an array of styles and featuring a range of artists, has been specially created for the Joyous Thing 3 by members of the OUTLANDS Network. The weekend of new radio commissions are curated by Outlands partner Fat Out, and broadcast by Resonance Extra (DAB radio and online).

The works evoke sonically subjects and techniques including: rare classical Indian string instruments; notions of listening; micro-sampling; radical self-love; queerness; unseen labour; historical fictions; and physiological sound. These pieces were recorded by artists work in and taking their inspirations from across the UK; rural Norfolk; Calderdale & Kirlees; Brighton; Tilbury, Essex; South Pennines; West Yorkshire; and in Barbados!

There will be contributions from: Lost Property, Tor Festival, AME, Easten Ear, Daniel W J Mackenzie, Petit Oiseau (presented by MK Gallery & Simon Wright), TACO!, Hannah Lamb, David Carpenter, Stu Bannister & Lukas Hornby, Coby Sey (live), I Am Fya (live), Euso (live).

Tune in on your DAB radio – or access the broadcast from 6pm to midnight on 26-27th March online at Resonance Extra.

Experimental Music Producer Sector Get Together @ MK Gallery: 4pm to 11pm - 26th March 2022

The third annual Joyous Thing event for experimental music producers is returning as an in-person event at MK gallery on Sat 26th March. The Joyous Thing is a live gig and a chance to talk—a place to meet with fellow adventurers who work across myriad forms of new music, art, and performance. As we emerge tentatively into a post-Covid world, there is a pressing need to work as allies—to face challenges in supportive, collaborative, and creative new ways. We hope you can join us at MK Gallery as we share our experiences, make new connections, and plan for a joyous future in the UK experimental scene. Join us for a day of talks, hang-outs, DJs and commissioned performances with artists and network members from across the UK.


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