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OUTLANDS is a network of organisations, producers, promoters and venues who develop, support, produce and promote performance-led experimental music activities. Network membership offers the opportunity to be part of an active, connected national community.

  • Jan 17 2020
  • Jan 18 2020

In the final year of the first phase of OUTLANDS, we reflected on what we have done and what still needs to be done to provide greater support for experimental art and music, those who create it and those who produce it. We want to reach out to fellow adventurers around the country who live, work, and play across myriad forms of new music, art, and performance. Come along and help guide the ways that this wide, weird, and wonderful field can develop into the new decade and beyond.

We understand that in turbulent and urgent times not everything can be joyous. Yet, we believe we can work together to face these challenges in supportive, creative and enjoyable ways. We are interested in finding out how DIY promoters and producers, funded organisations, artists, audiences, and funding bodies can join up to do more and better stuff, and specifically, how that engagement can be joyous for all concerned (and why sometimes it isn’t).

The event included performances from Natalie Sharp: Body Vice, Godspeed You! Peter Andre (GY!PA), Secret Flight, rf wn, GRST + guest DJ’s and featured key speakers and panellists from the UK experimental scene including: The Quietus / Cafe Oto / Counterflows / Jennifer Lucy Allan / De La Warr Pavilion / Supersonic/Capsule / Qu Junktions / Fat Out / MK Gallery / KARST / Fuse Art Space / Cambridge Junction / Outlands / Arts Council England / Sound and Music

'Exciting conversations today @OutlandsNetwork thinking about ways in which unclassifiable art, art forms and artists can be supported. Truly #thejoyousthing and we’re grateful to Outlands for such an open, practical and generative space to listen, learn and dream more dreams.'

via Twitter

'There was a cloud of optimism hanging over those remaining. Despite the challenges raised and the uncertainty on the horizon, there was a feeling of collective spirit, and Outlands felt like a true Network.'

Rob Hakimian, The Quietus


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